Stateful Session EJBs: Beasts of Burden
Subject:   reentrant Stateful Session Beans
Date:   2004-05-20 07:56:47
From:   dirkhogan
I was suprised by the following sentence:
"In EJB 2.0, a container vendor's implementation may permit concurrent client access of a single SFSB."
That is not my understanding. From the ejb 2.1 spec:
"Clients are not allowed to make concurrent calls to a stateful session object."
The spec goes on to say that a given vendor container implementation "may instead queue or serialize such concurrent requests"(from a footnote). I suppose this is what the author is referring to, yet technically this access is not concurrent - a given vendor implementation may choose to serialize concurrent access attempts. This does not make access to a stateless session bean concurrent.