Use P2P, Go to Jail. Any Questions?
Subject:   RE: Don't forget that RC5 is harmless...
Date:   2001-07-17 19:20:01
From:   kevin_p_tracey
Response to: RE: Don't forget that RC5 is harmless...

Well, well ... someone needs an injection of human genes don't they. Thank God, it coudn't happen here in Britain; we still see the law as something designed to protect people - not make someone some money. I'm genuinely deeply shocked that anyone would seek to defend such indefensible actions.
By the way, I believe that in most civilized places of work one is allowed to foul up once in a while. You get a warning and if you continue only then do you get the sack. I can only assume that someone seriously hates the poor guy or else is one major league asshole.
Perhaps jail and a crippling fine is too good for him ... why not hang, draw and quarter him. Don't forget to burn his house and sell any children he might have into slavery. That would teach him, right ?