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Subject:   Mac dev vs. deploy
Date:   2004-05-20 12:27:51
From:   tpherndon
You wrote: "It's also interesting to note Mac OS X pulling development and deployment numbers several times the platform's supposed market share, although it is puzzling that a greater percent of development happens on a Mac than deployment."

This trend should not be puzzling; just ask one of your Mac-using compatriots. If a business is deploying Java apps running on some variation of Unix on big tin, is it going to be easier to mimic the deployment environment by developing that app on a Unix variant, or on Windows?

Taking it further, how many respondents work in an all-Unix or all-Linux environment? Probably not that many. For integration into a mixed computing environment, OS X is hard to beat. You have MS Office, you have bash.

On top of that, it is generally much easier to configure and use a laptop with OS X than with Linux or one of the *BSDs. Where pay = time spent coding, having a laptop that "just works" is more important than spending the time necessary to configure Linux, et al. to work well on that laptop.

In short, Macs have the best of both worlds, and expediency often triumphs over idealism.

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