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  Distributed Cfengine
Subject:   cfengine articles
Date:   2004-05-21 04:22:50
From:   Trackback from http://www.simplicidade.org/notes/archives/2004/05/cfengine_articl.html anonymous2
cfengine is a great tool to manage servers. I'm starting to use it with my personal servers and at work. O'Reilly ONLamp.com site has two articles on it. The last one shows a very nice setup for starting your own config: Distributed Cfengine by Luke A. Kanies -- Automation is the most important skill an administrator can develop. Cfengine is great at automation and even supports distributed automation. Luke A. Kanies demonstrates how to distribute Cfengine rules to multiple machines. It has a couple of errors though. The files update.conf (take 2) and cfagent.conf shown don't work for me. They...