Integrating Xgrid into Cocoa Applications, Part 2
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Date:   2004-05-21 08:22:02
From:   cyberassassin
I hope this article continues, this is a very interesting example, and I can think of dozens of implementations....

One thing I would like to know how to do is the node drawer similiar to the drawer in Apple's XGrid BLAST app. The drawer tells you the number of available nodes (XGrid Agents), the number of working nodes, and the available aggregate CPU Power. This would make a great addition to the Photo Industry app. Maybe the next article.... Also interesting is the tachometer, or other graphic representation of cluster computing power....

Thanks for covering this. I find it some of the more fascinating stuff coming out of Apple, and hope to see your prediction of a XGrid API soon. And here's hoping for more articles relating to XGrid

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