Use P2P, Go to Jail. Any Questions?
Subject:   Mistakes...
Date:   2001-07-18 10:00:41
From:   toddh
Who in the IT community hasn't made a mistake.
David loaded the DC clients...OK, so he was wrong. He was willing to diable/unload the clients if they only would have asked him. They could have explained thesituation to min. He probably felt pretty bad about the situation BEFORE all the legal stuff came down.
Should they have fired him? They were within their rights, sure. But if he was a good SysAdmin, then replacing him could be quite costly, beside the hassle of interviewing, etc. If he was a marginal employee, then he may not have been worth keeping him around.
I think going after him to the extent that they are is wrong. I work for a county office of education and one of our schools had kids from the school hack the network, steal a real IP address, extract passwords, etc. they got a slap on the hand and were told not to do it again. What dows it cost to recover from that? All the passwords need to be changed, systems and servers need to be checked, etc. That all costs money in man-hours. I think that is much worse than installing a DC client.
I say reprimand him and give him a second chance (if his worth to the university calls for it)!