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Subject:   interview this
Date:   2004-05-23 10:38:12
From:   scaleswell
I have 20 years professional programming experience. Everything from hardware, firmware, GUIs, database applications, n-tier too. My biggest complaint is the would-be technofile thathas the ear of an executive.

At a recent interview with a CIO, I asked "why j2ee?" I wanted to know if this guy was aware of the real benefits or if he was a would-be CIO. I found the later to be the case. And after futher digging I found the direction was being set by a fellow with the certification de jeur and without any real exploration.

I do not expect executives to know everything. In fact I want them to come to their own conclusions. But some of them are getting advice from the wrong people. So let's start educating....

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