Use P2P, Go to Jail. Any Questions?
Subject:   The case isn't about money ... it's power
Date:   2001-07-18 11:29:17
From:   markstinson1
It's not about the money.
The plantiffs want a 1/3 of the money. Sure everyone knows that $.59/second is outragous considering POTS long distance charges are around $0.10/minute at worst. The money is token amount in these days of million dollar lawsuits. It's a carrot for the jury to visualize and make the defendant look bad & evil for fraud & misuse.

This case is about Precendence & Power.
If they prosecute to the fullest, they can use this case and findings to take & grant unreasonable power to the State & University. Someone of a political nature see this as opportunity for their political agenda & lime light.

This is just another example of FUD using a modern version of southern poticians ability to stir up a [legal/legit] lynch mob. They are going to take this life (ie. future) away.