Creating Photorealistic Icons for Mac OS X
Subject:   why isn't my icns file an icon?
Date:   2004-05-23 23:43:30
From:   mamaglee
It took me about 3 minutes to make my first experimental test icon using photoshop and Icon Computer, however when I saved it in Icon Composer as an .icns file, the files doesn't show the icon. It shows up as an image with the right corner folded down and the letters ICNS on it below a generic picture. I thought the icon would BE an icon. So how do I get it to be an icon for it's own file? I got info and same thing.

Thanks, Mamaglee

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  1. why isn't my icns file an icon?
    2004-06-06 07:52:29  TriangleJuice [View]

    • RE: why isn't my icns file an icon?
      2004-09-04 22:09:52  Rennat [View]

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