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Subject:   re: Mac dev vs. deploy
Date:   2004-05-24 06:08:49
From:   invalidname
Response to: Mac dev vs. deploy

You don't need to sell your editors on the value of Macs, as a check of our author bio's will show. :-)

But here's something to think about. We said that Mac Java development numbers were "several times the platform's supposed market share". That's the part your discussion bolsters: that Macs are nice, they have Office and bash, etc. What we said was "puzzling" was that there were more people saying that they were developing Java on a Mac than people saying they were developing Java for the Mac.

So how does that work? Some possibilities:

  • Developer writes web app on Mac, deploys to Linux, Solaris, etc. Suggests Macs aren't as popular as app servers

  • Developer writes client-side (AWT, Swing, or SWT) app on Mac, deploys to Windows, Linux, etc. and not Mac. Does this seriously happen? Amazingly, yes. In fact, I did exactly this at a company with a stringent Windows-only release policy (and no, I wasn't happy about it).

  • Developers write client-side apps on various platforms, and don't target or support Mac. Why not?

So that's what we find puzzling. Of these hypotheses (and there may be more... please talkback!), I find the first the most plausible.


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