Applying "Digital Hub" Concepts to Enterprise Software Design, Part 2
Subject:   Excellent Article!
Date:   2004-05-24 17:33:17
From:   ABehringer
Response to: Excellent Article!

Thank you for your comments. It is great to know that people are benefitting from these articles.

As far as the WebObjects license... It is it true that it expires after a short while, but you can get a fresh code from Apple each time it expires (in the download section of the ADC site). You really only need to fork over your money when you deploy or when you get tired of entering the evaluation code.

Remember that the full deployment license comes with OS X Server too! Therefor, you can develop without spending too much money and buy an xServe when you are ready to deploy. You will have to license the database too, but when you compare to the other solutions that are out there, its not a bad deal at all.

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  1. MySQL works well too
    2004-08-01 11:06:44  dariandefalco [View]

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