The Fight Against Spam, Part 3
Subject:   Audio File
Date:   2004-05-24 23:20:44
From:   jwenting
Response to: Audio File

problem is that the bots are getting ever smarter.
Many can by now decipher javascript and remove just about anything used to clutter addresses.
Images probably still work but are useless for many purposes (think usenet) which are text-based.

In the end, unless there's extreme action being taken to force spammers (and the related creators and distributors of virusses and trojans) off the net entirely or at least raise the cost of their illicit operations to levels they cannot support from the income generated, there is little that can be done.
As someone whos spamfilters block several thousand pieces of crap a week on a single account (and still several dozen get through despite multilayered defenses) I feel the pain more than most. Lucky for me my ISP doesn't impose bandwidth limits on me...
I'm currently using a rules-based filter on my mailserver which blocks based on sender address or domain (and is by now so broad it bounces all email from about half the world's TLDs by necessity) combined with both rules-based and Bayesian filtering in my mail client plus manual skimming of incoming mail from the server when I can be bothered.

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