A First Look at Longhorn
Subject:   The Longhorn Sidebar
Date:   2004-05-25 09:56:51
From:   Trackback from anonymous2
We've been hearing for a little while that Microsoft's next operating system (code-named "Longhorn") will have a "sidebar" where you can put all sorts of "tiles" ... kind of like a desktop dashboard. The article referenced below gives a quick overview of some of the different features found in the latest build of Longhorn released to developers. There are some nice screenshots in the article. It shows that the sidebar could include an RSS reader and a mini "slideshow" tile. To tell you the truth, I'd like the functionality of both of those tiles in one: a tile that shows images distributed via RSS. I imagine there will be a nice market for tile developers. I know that you can get similar functionality today with products like Samurize or DesktopX, but these customizations are still pretty fringe and appeal mainly to the mod crowd. Once you've got these capabilities delivered in the OS itself, I think you'll find much greater uptake. Source: A First Look at Longhorn [May. 18, 2004]...