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Subject:   Whoa Nelly! Beware of tip 6! - FINAL NOTES
Date:   2004-05-27 09:38:21
From:   InfiniSource
Response to: Whoa Nelly! Beware of tip 6!

I will take a moment to just make one final response here. Thanks very much, Joli, for your kind review. RFA has won EVERY major shareware award on the internet including The Shareware Hall of Fame and Best Utility of the year from the SIA. To be perfectly frank, we are not interested in people's views about our "PR capabilities" when they are the type who expect shareware developers to provide their thousands of hours of work for free or on the honor system to anyone who wants to use it. Shareware has changed a great deal since the early days... There are now more than a million shareware applications out there, competing hotly for constumer dollars, and most use some sort of distinct registration incentive... the developers that do not wind up providing it for free to the majority of users. That is not our intent. We have many shareware titles at; and many which provide an ongoing usefulness work fine in a time limited mode - 30 days is the norm. Not a single one of our titles relies on "the user to do the honorable thing". If it did we would all be working second jobs unable to devote ourselves to providing the best quality shareware we can to the internet public. RFA provides its biggest punch on the first run... if you find 300 or 1000 obsolete entries and we fixed them for free, most users would try it, and then conveniently "forget" to pay for it. Therefore we use the functionality limitation incentive with RFA and it works quite well. As I say we have won all the awards and have a huge amount of great feedback posted on our website. There isn't a chance we will change that regardless of what any freeloaders may suggest. Shareware is a business, and as such you find the most effective way to market your product. We are obviously doing a pretty good job since RFA has generated more than one million dollars in sales in the past 12 months.
Joseph Burke
InfiniSource, Inc.
Rose City Software

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