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Subject:   Whoa Nelly! Beware of tip 6! - FINAL NOTES
Date:   2004-05-27 13:06:17
From:   docsavagemob
Response to: Whoa Nelly! Beware of tip 6! - FINAL NOTES

Wow! A freeloader! Me! A careful reader of this thread will note that the only point I've made (pay attention CEO Joe) is that RFA *isn't* shareware. That's it. I didn't say that I was going to use it and not pay for it (although my first response to CEO Joe was ambiguous and could be interpreted that way...what I meant to say was that I wasn't going to use RFA). I didn't say it was a poor product. I didn't say Rose City owed me a free version or that they should change how they choose to deliver their products. I merely described the limitations of the "shareware" version offered for download, limitations that are not described anywhere on their webpage. And I also pointed out that the RFA they offer isn't shareware. That's what prompted CEO Joe's defensive responses.

Joe, you are not a "shareware developer". You develop software and you choose the shareware distribution method for at least one of your products. And if you had said anywhere on the RFA download webpage that the version offered had reduced functionality or if it had been offered with a time-limit scheme we wouldn't be having this discussion. In fact your home page says exactly the opposite:

"Award-winning titles like TweakMaster Pro, Registry First Aid, MemoryBoost Pro and ClipCache Plus have won every major shareware award on the Internet and are widely considered to be the "best of breed". Each is available for a free full-functional 30 day trial download."

You might want to change that.

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