Applying "Digital Hub" Concepts to Enterprise Software Design, Part 2
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Date:   2004-05-27 15:46:22
From:   rga218
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One thing worth noting for those of us who are using XCode for development, but have not upgraded to XCode from the old version of the developer tools. WebObjects (more specifically, EOModeler) appears to require certain frameworks that come with Project Builder. Because Project Builder has been replaced by XCode, Project Builder is not installed when you install XCode, so a "vanilla" installation of XCode on, say, a new machine that never had Project Builder installed will not work with EOModeler. You need to go back and grab the December 2002 version of Apple's developer tools from the ADC site and install that, since that includes Project Builder. In my case, in order to get WebObjects to work I first uninstalled XCode, downloaded and installed the December 2002 developer tools, then reinstalled XCode.

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