Applying "Digital Hub" Concepts to Enterprise Software Design, Part 2
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Date:   2004-05-27 18:16:41
From:   rga218
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Oh, and do note that to run WebObjects with Panther you need to upgrade WebObjects to at least at version 5.2.2 (and, according to Apple's Web Site, 5.2.3 is preferred). The evaluation version available at the ADC site is below 5.2.2, so once you install WebObjects you should probably run Software Update and immediately upgrade.

In fact, I suspect that immediately upgrading WebObjects may also install the required Project Builder frameworks too, sidestepping the whole rigamarole described above of having to download an old version of the developer tools.

The Apple web page for WebObjects 5.2.3 (who's URL is: <>) contains the following information:

"If you are creating a new Mac OS X WebObjects 5.2.3 development system, you should install the software in the following order:

Install Mac OS X 10.3
Update to Mac OS X 10.3.3
Xcode Developer tools CD
Xcode 1.1 Software Update
WebObjects 5.2 Developer
WebObjects 5.2.2 Developer
WebObjects 5.2.3 Developer"

Hope this is somewhat useful!

(By the way, congratulations to Adam Behringer. This article was incredibly interesting and well-written.)