Weblog:   E-Republic or B-Republic?
Subject:   Make it open source
Date:   2004-05-28 15:57:22
From:   Chirael
Response to: Make it open source

After thinking about this some more, why not have a petition to make any e-voting system open source so it's completely transparent. A petition to require a paper receipt will treat the symptom, not the problem.

As Black Box Voting page says, "The computer programs that tell electronic voting machines how to record and tally votes are allowed to be held as 'trade secrets.' Can citizen's groups examine them? No. The companies that make these machines insist that their mechanisms are a proprietary secret. Can citizen's groups, or even election officials, audit their accuracy? Not at all..."

Let's have a petition to prevent the voting process from being a "trade secret".

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  1. Make it open source
    2004-05-31 11:48:04  Michael Brewer | [View]

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