The Fight Against Spam, Part 3
Subject:   ...and don't forget other simple things
Date:   2004-05-29 15:30:49
From:   jmaliga
when creating HTML pages with mailto: links, JavaScript is simple, but sometimes even it is overkill. ASCII number equivalents for characters are, at least as far as I can determine, still ignored. They display perfectly on web pages, but are ignored by 'bots. Also - if you have a hosted account like I do on one of the hundreds (thousands?) of hosters that offer 400+ pop email accounts, you can create dozens of alternate addresses that can easily be bounced or filtered if they attract spam in any great numbers.

I don't know about you, my mailbox that received hundreds of spam each week has suddenly and precipitously dropped to only a couple of dozen. SPAM filters may, in fact, be effective to the point of discouraging SPAMMERS, and we may be winning that war unexpectedly.