BYOB: Build Your Own Browser, Part 2
Subject:   re: Compile warnings expected?
Date:   2004-05-30 07:50:03
From:   aaanderson
Response to: Compile warnings expected?

Glad you like the article. Good news is that a third part of the article is already in the hands of the editor and going to be published next friday, so that should make up for some of the article length.

As for your warnings, as a rule it is ok but not advisable to ignore warnings that come from XCode/GCC. Warnings come when the compiler (GCC in the default existance) is confused about something, but nothing is actually wrong with the code. They often happen because the code calls a method within in a class that GCC can't identify.

In this instance Objective C gets these warnings because "WebFrame.h" has not been included, so it can not determine if "loadRequest" is one of WebFrame's methods. You can ignore this because "loadRequest" is one of WebFrame's methods, but if you want it to go away add "#import <WebKit/WebView.h>" to "MyDocument.h".


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