Jobs' Keynote Steady, But No Sizzle
Subject:   Nobody can Bat 1000
Date:   2001-07-22 12:44:01
From:   duncan
Like many, I was curious to see what the new iMac was going to look like. And I would like to have OS X 10.1 in my hands right now. But given the sheer number of things that Apple has done this year -- and is planning on doing before the year closes -- I'm not really disappointed.

If Apple were trying to only impress show goers, they would have introduced the new iBook at MacWorld instead of at their corporate headquarters 10 weeks ago. But, they got the iBook in the pipeline when they needed to. I'd rather see Apple do it this way than to gear everything to only impress people in the audience.

Grade Apple on what they've done on the year so far, and they are getting a solid A.