Inside Mitch Kapor's World
Subject:   Advice for experienced people?
Date:   2004-06-08 10:30:31
From:   fredb001
Let me begin by describing my current situation. I think this fits many other people as well.

I have been in IT for 36 years earning a living to support my family. My children are now grown. I'm currently "between assignments." In other words, I have an opportunity to make a change.

I want "to make a difference, to give something back, to do some good in the world, to create something," but I still need to earn money. I'm very interested in going in a new direction, but I'm not situated comfortably financially.

I think I'm imaginative, flexible, resourceful, dedicated to excellence in software, and can work productively with others in challenging situations -- if I do say so myself. I want to find a spot in something like what you're doing.

To rephrase the final interview question, do you have any advice for experienced people starting out today in this line?