Use P2P, Go to Jail. Any Questions?
Subject:   been there
Date:   2001-07-25 10:26:30
From:   jtpolk
This sort of stupidity happens quite often. Somewhere in the discussion the word ''hacking'' was used and someone whent off of the deep end.

Earlier this year I was under criminal investigation by the state of Arizona. The Arizona Dept of Corrections web site was writing employee transfer requests into a file in a directory named _private (yea, a Front Page site on a Unix box), and they had left directory browsing on. I saw this, I reported it.

I was informed that I had commited a felony and that the investigator was only calling me to inquire about by intent, and then based on his judgement of my intent, proscution would or would not occur.

Did this investigator know ANYTHING about web server technology?? He knew, by his own admission, absolutely nothing.