A Basic Guide to Enterprise Application Distribution
Subject:   WWDC 2004 Session - Application Management
Date:   2004-06-09 17:28:51
From:   richardglaser

There will be a session on Application Managment, presented by Philip Rinehart of Yale University and Richard Glaser from the University of Utah. Attend this session and learn about installation, deployment and distribution of Mac OS X software in an enterprise environment. Learn tips and tricks from two enterprise system administrators and steering members of the macosxlabs project. Included in this session will be demonstrations of tools used to troubleshoot current challenges, and techniques to provide solutions for these challenges.

Currently the session name & description aren't very accurate of the actual session, but look for "630 - Network Administration Best Practices for Education". We hope that it will get updated to reflect the session.

See web page for up-to-date info: