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  Improving JSF by Dumping JSP
Subject:   Dropping View-Specification file
Date:   2004-06-10 04:03:32
From:   Seyyed Jamal
I think by extending Tapestry idea (adding new jwsid attribute to basic html tags)
we may be able to drop the view specification xml file.

For example instead of:

<img id="guessesLeft" height="36"
width="36" border="0"/>

And in addition:

<component id="guessesLeft"
value="#{guessesLeftImages[visit.game.incorrectGuessesLeft]}" />

we can use something like this:

height="36" src="images/Chalkboard_3x8.png"
width="36" border="0"/>

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  1. Dropping View-Specification file
    2004-06-10 10:10:35  Hans Bergsten | O'Reilly Author [View]

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