Improving JSF by Dumping JSP
Subject:   Similar to WebOnSwing Template Engine
Date:   2004-06-10 07:35:02
From:   paton
I think this aproach is very similar to WebOnSwing Template Engine, except that tags are marked with ID attribute instead of NAME attribute as WebOnSwing templates (this name is configurable), and another difference, that is closer to Tapestry, is that the component mapping is defined in static xml files. The idea of matching html tags hierarchy with component hierarchy is used in WebOnSwing
with more dynamic behaviour, cause it is matched to Swing component hierarchy by each component name and dont need extra configuration files (xml).
Also with WebOnSwing you can interchange easily html "templates" to create skins to components or complete pages, you can extract subtemplates from a html file, mix templates and tags, handle the whole template programatically because a java model is created by parsing the file and dont need to be well formed.

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    2004-06-10 09:45:25  Hans Bergsten | O'Reilly Author [View]

    • Similar to WebOnSwing Template Engine
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