Improving JSF by Dumping JSP
Subject:   Attributing blame
Date:   2004-06-10 12:28:23
From:   BigBadaboom
When you describe the problem of using JSPs and JSF together, you seem to blame JSPs. It seems to me that the fault isn't really with JSPs or tag libraries in general. It is a problem with the JSF tag library specifically. After all, they could be written in a way that would preserve body content, could they not?

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  1. Attributing blame
    2004-06-10 12:29:51  BigBadaboom [View]

    • Attributing blame
      2004-06-10 13:18:39  Hans Bergsten | O'Reilly Author [View]

      • Attributing blame
        2004-06-21 12:22:24  BigBadaboom [View]

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