Improving JSF by Dumping JSP
Subject:   Just one problem...
Date:   2004-06-10 13:45:34
From:   edburns
Response to: Just one problem...

K> The current version of JSF does nothing for High Availability (HA)
K> mission critical application development! I was shocked to discover
K> (several months later after successfully pitching JSF to a new
K> employer) that there is NO httpsession replication capability in JSF
K> (the JSF Tree cannot be serialized). Meaning that any production
K> applications the require scalability and failover CANNOT be written
K> using the JSF framework.

That's not true, because JSF applications shouldn't be trying to persist
UI state anyway. The ValueBinding API, and the Expression Language that
exposes it to your application, is intended to be used to you to have
your UI pull values from anywere, including HA data sources.

Now, sure, one could provide an implementation of StateManager to make
this automatic, but the need for this implies an inappropriately
designed application, since one should minimize the amount of UI state
kept in the client.

Ed (JSR-127 EG member)