Weblog:   E-Republic or B-Republic?
Subject:   NC Bill on Verifiable Voting Study
Date:   2004-06-11 09:15:17
From:   Trackback from anonymous2
I've received a lot of good feedback from my E-Republic or B-Republic? article. One of the responses was some great news from Joyce McCloy, Coordinator of the NC Coalition for Verifiable Voting. She informed me that the NC General Assembly has a bill before it that will place a moratorium on further purchases of electronic voting machines until July 2005. The bills also propose to setup a commission to study whether paper ballots should be required for all voting systems and also how to ensure that voting remains accessible for disabled people. The bill comes in the form of Senate Bill S1415 sponsored by Senator Ellie Kinnaird and House Bill H1748 sponsored by Representative Verla Insko. The full text of each bill is at the other end of...