BYOB: Build Your Own Browser, Part 3
Subject:   Just remember why I hate C and his friends
Date:   2004-06-12 14:12:21
From:   zeus
Hy everyone,

I just lost 10 mn finding why this ?!? program will not compile with about 10 errors and 25 warning at first. And I found this was because I misspelled the:
#import "MyDocument.h"
guess what I get error about unknown variables mp, etc. But at no time I get an error saying that #impotr was an unknow directive of the precompiler.

If you just play a bit with Java and his compiler I thing you see what I mean, because javac takes you by the hand and tells you nearly what to change in order to remove your errors.

I know this is the price to pay for weak | no typed language, but it's horrible for misspelling.

Here we see clearly that Obj-C is coming from SmallTalk (for those who tried VisualWorks just remember where appeard the "compile" error).

Quite long comment, very useless, full of non english sentence's construction, BUT really entertaining between two exam's revision.

Hope to see a new "tutorial" of Andrew soon.