PHP on Mac OS X
Subject:   PDF support
Date:   2001-07-29 05:09:00
From:   archangel23
You should have mentioned that you need the pdflib and that the make error occurs not while compiling the TIFF lib but the pdf lib. Your solution hasn't worked for me. You have to make a symbolic link named "Perl" from /Library to /System/Library/Perl.

When configuring PHP, it finds the library, but I get the following errormessage:
checking for PDF_show_boxed in -lpdf... no
configure: error: pdflib extension requires at least pdflib 3.x.

I've got PDFlib 4.0.1 so what's wrong? All .a files are located in /usr/ local/lib and configure can successfully find the jpeg and tiff lib.

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