Introduction to Bioinformatics
Subject:   Yes, nice summary...
Date:   2004-06-13 09:13:42
From:   raydreams
I'm always looking for a nice 1-2 page article givign a quick run down of bioinformatics to send to people.

Yes, unfortunately, getting a career in bioinformatics seems to happen (like many careers) by accident or when you're not really looking for it. I myself have an undergrad degree in biology and doing wetlab molecular biology (for seven years) where part of my responsibility was sequencing, submitting and searching GenBank. Which ultimately lead to me going back to school for a CS undergrad (and presently a grad). Which lead to a job for a company called Perceptive Scientific Intruments writing cytogenetics software. But PSI got bought out by their competitior Applied Imaging - resulting in layoffs. Now I'm stuck in generic IT (which was not my motivation for getting a CS degree), but ironically working with (sometimes) the Bioinformatics Division at NASA-JSC - though not bioinformatics as described here.

Unfortunately, a desire to want to do bioinformatics is not enough. Companies that do real bioinformatics don't hire too often. A person would have a better chance breaking into the field by fiding a position working for a university researcher - as a student or employee.