Weblog:   Great book: Advanced PHP Programming
Subject:   errata?
Date:   2004-06-14 13:50:37
From:   hakkikt
Hi Derek,

I started reading "Advanced PHP Programming" on your recommendation, but I am disappointed at the errors that I find in the first few chapters, and am wondering about all the rest! Can I trust it? I tried to find an errata on the web, but without success.


p38: "a class constructor should be named __constructor()," then he uses __construct().
p44: "polymorphism. This is derived from Latin..."
p46: ' " . mysql_escape... (missing closing quote)
p65: "that changes it's API..."

It's hard enough as it is, considering I have zero OOP experience, I'd like to be able to trust what I'm reading. Granted, none of the above are earth-shattering, but are they the tip of the iceberg and am I picking up only them because I don't already master the subject?



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