Improving JSF by Dumping JSP
Subject:   Response to some of your issues
Date:   2004-06-15 08:45:22
From:   edburns
Hi Hans,

Thanks for collecting the top problems with JSP/JSF integration into one
concise article. We know that JSF/JSP has some rough edges and
smoothing them out is the *sole* purpose of the JSP 2.1 spec effort [1].
I've added instructions on dealing with the issues you raise in your
article to the ReleaseNotes [2]. These will be updated in the next day
or so.

I disagree with your suggestion to abandon JSP for use in JSF. There is
a great value in continuing to leverage standard technologies, such as
JSP. To use build on your transportation anolgy, note that the UI for
driving an SUV is generally the same as for driving a sedan, or a
compact car. Therefore, the JSP spec team is open to doing whatever it
takes to solve these JSP/JSF integration issues, while maintiaining a
modicum of backwards compatibility. There is nothing new about these
challenges. When JSP 1.1 came out, several requirements seen as key by
some people were not addressed. I feel the JSP 2.0 spec addresses these
omitted concerns quite well, and I'm very confident that the JSP 2.1
spec will adress your concerns.




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  1. Response to some of your issues
    2004-06-15 09:52:32  Hans Bergsten | O'Reilly Author [View]

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