A Brief Introduction to GPS Photo Linking
Subject:   Further ideas
Date:   2004-06-15 20:43:06
From:   TylerMitchell
Nice coverage of the idea, David. A couple other ideas I have dealt with are:

1) Using Python module PyGarmin to grab waypoints. While I haven't used this for tracks, we use this regular in our forestry work to automatically download waypoints and store them into a PostgreSQL database. Then others in the enterprise grab the coordinates for reporting and location tracking purposes. We are also then able to map these locations as the "status" changes and requires attention from field crews.

2) While not using EXIF attributes, one project I'm familiar with (HERE is a web-based mapping site using digital photos and a spatial data file (ESRI Shape file). The filename of the photo is entered as an attribute in the shape file.

Similar idea to the example you showed - map the locations, click on a location and view the photo. It's using 100% open source GIS programs that are multi-platform (based on MapServer. The nice thing about the above site is that the mapserving capabilities are remote from the website itself and can be easily and quickly modified and updated.