Windows Compatibility for the Linux Desktop
Subject:   RE: Why?
Date:   2004-06-17 09:44:49
From:   BeastOfBurden
Why run windows inside of Linux?

1) Because you can. ;)
2) Because with Linux you have no worries about
windows viruses and trojans. You can use
Linux programs for internet stuff, but still
use Windows programs when you need to.
Even if the Windows program you are using is
internet enabled and you get a virus, the most
damage it could do would be to hose your
$HOME/~win and/or $HOME/~mydata directories
(or in the case of this article
$HOME/Documents), but it could never crash
your computer. If you ever got a virus, as
long as you backed up the above directories
regularly, returning to the last known good
state is a simple as deleting the above
directories and untar'ing the backups. You
wouldn't have to even reboot.

I love Win4Lin, because it was the way I was
able to convince my wife to have Linux be the
default boot option on our primary computer.
She can use MS Office, she can play Win9x games
with my kids. E-mail, scanning, and photo editing
are handled natively in Linux using Mozilla,
X-Sane, and the GIMP, respectively. In Linux
she can setup the desktop background to cycle
though our photo collection with a new photo
every few minutes. We only reboot when I upgrade
the kernel. I love it!

All I wish is that Win4Lin would add NT/2000/XP support so I can at least be running modern WinXP
when I have to use windows. I'm currently running
Win4Lin using Win95 on a Gentoo Linux box, and it works great except for newer Windows programs (MS Money, TurboTax) that don't necessarily work on Win95 anymore.