A Brief Introduction to GPS Photo Linking
Subject:   OziPhotoTool
Date:   2004-06-17 14:38:20
From:   alistairdickie

Thanks for the link to OziPhotoTool. To use all of the features you certainly require OziExplorer, and as that is PC based this precludes using any features on a Mac where OziPhotoTool communicates with OziExplorer. Provided tracks were in OziExplorer file format (a relatively simple csv) many features such as watermarking images and basic html generation should work.

Many featres of OziPhotoTool should work just fine on a Mac without recompilation as it is Java based. A Java savy user could download the advanced install and take the command line from run.bat and execute that. I do not have a Mac so have not tested it.


Alistair Dickie