The Fight Against Spam, Part 3
Subject:   Bouncing
Date:   2004-06-18 09:14:11
From:   beneden
Response to: Bouncing

Cher François:

AFAIK, hardly any spammers (if any) check for invalid email addresses in this way, by keeping track of bounces. Hardly practical/worth their time and resources. The sender/reply-to address in today's spam is either bogus... or indeed a valid one - belonging to a randomly selected individual from spammer's email list. (This is called joe-jobbing and happens to me regularly.)

I see a point in auto-bouncing all email that's classified as spam and auto-deleted at the same time. This precaution is, however, quite costly in bandwith. In my experience, when spam filtering is well set up, the only possible candidates for false positives are automated messages and mailing lists. Both won't either care about your bounce at all - or will proceed with taking the recipient off their list.



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