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  LDAP in Mac OS X Server
Subject:   10.3 Server Network Home Dir in Home environment?
Date:   2004-06-19 11:40:56
From:   uurf
I'm using 10.3 Server in a home environment and would like to enable LDAP Auth and Networked Home Directories.

Since I don't have a static IP (Dyndns points my domains here) I can't get KDC to start (nor LDAP now).

I tried creating an entry in the hosts file for the server servername.domain.org
(where servername and the domain have actual values of course).
...with no luck

Any thoughts on enabling this capability in a home env where there's no explicit domain name server naming the host?

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  1. 10.3 Server Network Home Dir in Home environment?
    2004-06-19 12:07:03  tonywilliams [View]

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