Creating a Web Application with Ant and Tomcat 4
Subject:   Including JSTL
Date:   2004-06-21 03:51:54
From:   wolfgang_r
I am using the AddressBook application as a template for my first self-developed webapp.
I want to go strict with separation of code and presentation, that is, replace the scriptlets by JSTL tags.
Similar to the display of the whole addressbook on Home.jsp, I want to use the 'forEach' tag to display a whole collection.
The collection is created by a method
'public ArrayList allPlaces()'.
I am very unsure where to put the call to actually create the ArrayList when the application comes up.
Is it the ContextListener or rather the AddressesDB module?
How do I include my ArrayList into a context, so that the JSP tag can use it?

Thanks for your help!