Hacking BSD, Part 1
Subject:   A tip to make one hack less ugly
Date:   2004-06-23 01:31:51
From:   binary
The finding words section contains a really ugly hack. Adding /dev/null to the arguments of grep to force it to print the filenames along with matches is _not_ the way to go!

Everey *BSD grep I know of has a command line switch to do this. It's -H in FreeBSD and NetBSD and -o in OpenBSD.

And anyway, what's on earth
Fortunately, find's -exec switch allows it to use other utilities, such as grep, without forking another process. is supposed to mean? AFAIK what actually happens is that find forks a process for every file found, and executes grep from that process.
Compared to something like
find -type f -print0 | xargs -0 grep 'word'
this seems to involve a lot of overhead.

I must admit i stopped reading at this point. Proove me wrong, and I may actually continue and in the end, buy the book.