More LDAP in Mac OS X Server
Subject:   OD login and LDAP query not working
Date:   2004-06-23 16:24:13
From:   hakan_kaya
I have set up an OS X 10.3.3 as OD Master with KDC working. Users can access network shares, mail and ssh with single sign on. But they can only login to their machines as local users.
What I just can't figure out is why it's not possible to login as an OD user with networked home folders. Also, I can't configure Address Book to query the ldap server so that other users info can be retrieved. I tried every possible search base combination. I think the problem is that there are sub entries like uid=user_name which don't fit into the search base scheme as described in various articles.
What does work is, if I create a new entry with phpldapadmin, e.g. "people" and manually add entries for users and their email, phone etc. These infos can be retrieved using the search base cn=people,dc=domain,dc=tld

I have tried configuring Directory Services, both manually and automatic (DHCP delivered OD server entry) to no avail.
What am I supposed to do, to get ldap authentication working? I truly appreciate any helping hand.

Hakan Kaya

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