Use P2P, Go to Jail. Any Questions?
Subject:   Hello? State of Georgia?? Come back to Earth...
Date:   2001-08-02 00:34:51
From:   jakereuben
Perhaps the Stae of Georgia should be more interested in protectig the rights of it's citizens rather than bandwith. First, David was put in his role by the State of Georgia. Doesn't the State assume any liability of its own employee's actions? They hired him, they fired him. Furthermore, can the state prove that David knowingly violated the schools acceptable use policy? In other words can they prove he knew he was doing wrong before he did it. If not, it only leads to a more interesting question. Does the State of Georgia commonly charge it's ctizens with felonious activity when they otherwise do not kow they are commiting a felony? <- (a felony usually is committed due to gross disregard with prior knowledge of wrong) Also, by what means is the state ready to show that David was not in his role as an employee. In other words that he acted outside the realm of his employment for his own benefit? Before you answer that, consider this- the reward money was only $1000.00 , not one million. Also consider, you would think David would have been smart enough to realize the prize was redeemable by the owner of the computer. Which brings us to this- under what name did David have the software registered? If it was his own, then the State has a motive, if under the school the state has no motive. Regardless, the crime commited would have been for the chance of a $1000.00 prize(uh hello Georgia? Back to Earth) And last, since the computers belong to the State why doesnt the state take into consideration the view of its TAXPAYERS? Well I have more I could write, this will do for now.