An Introduction to the Twisted Networking Framework
Subject:   Twisted Networking - new 1.0.7
Date:   2004-06-24 14:56:43
From:   DavidBrian
Got a lot of new features in Version 1.0.7
- Client Jabber support.
- twisted.xish, an XML package supporting a DOM-like API and a XPATH-like API.
- Woven web templating toolkit is now much faster, and no longer supports the interim APIs it had during development.
- Security tightening in the web server, especially on Windows.
- XML-RPC server is now easier to extend, and can publish the XML-RPC introspection API as an option.
- Working minimum and maximum sizes for database connection pools.
- New connection API for Perspective Broker, allowing easy SSL support, reconnection, etc..
- Better lenient HTML parsing in microdom.
- Many improvements to mail protocols (SMTP, POP3, IMAP).