Memory Management in Objective-C
Subject:   Where is the folklore
Date:   2001-08-02 14:21:24
From:   psheldon
Response to: Where is the folklore

Thank you. I am very curious about these candidates, especially omnigroup's. They were involved in os x translations of the game quake and have uncommented game frameworks.

I really like the newsgroup thread structure so that I would not appear intrusive and also could choose what to read . Do these have thread structure ?
From superficially looking at them being e mail addresses I write to, I am sorry that and don't seem to have this thread structure.
Perhaps, however, I write these e mail addresses to join the list ? Yet I might like to see that the lists supply a thread structure.

Do e mails there work like yahoo e groups and appear on a web page like this forum with threads.

Do they put my on some sort of local-computer group list for my news reader (newswatcher, incidentally).

Looking at my isp's group list, I searched objective and found objective c.
This was the only newswatcher group I found that seemed relevant.

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  1. cocoa-dev with browser-nomail option
    2001-08-02 21:24:14  psheldon [View]

  2. Where is the folklore
    2001-08-02 20:46:40  canyonrat [View]

    • thanks, checked omnigroup (nomail?)
      2001-08-02 21:40:48  psheldon [View]

      • thanks, checked omnigroup (nomail?)
        2001-08-03 07:29:38  canyonrat [View]

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