BYOB: Build Your Own Browser, Part 3
Subject:   Thanks for the great articles
Date:   2004-06-25 18:02:16
From:   Beowulf
There are some people grumbling on these boards that this (at least the first) article is a bit too simplistic. But for people like me, I loved it!

My programming experience is a bit of BASIC in high school (1985!) and Fortran in college. I also kinda taught myself some of Pascal.

I changed my career path and programming was not part of it, but I always had a desire to learn new languages. I never really followed through. I had a couple of C tutorials, and a java one here and there, but never got past the first few pages.

I always used windoze in my schooling and at work. But when it came time for me to get a laptop, I chose a Mac. Somewhat to be different and somewhat to see what I was missing.

Anyway, I'm rambling, but I came across this site when searching for tips on digital photography. I then saw the this article. I went right home to try it out. I never knew this stuff was on my computer!

I'm working thru articles 2 & 3. Since I don't have any real experience with C, it's a bit tough.

But Thanks for rekindling the "programmer" in me, and writing an article at my level.

As for the boo birds in the crowd: If the article is too easy, skip to the next one....There isn't a finite # of things that are on here, so the simple article won't take the place of the serious stuff you are looking for...