Subject:   MusicCity Morpheus! -bye edonkey2k
Date:   2001-08-03 09:01:52
From:   unolinuxguru
Morpheus is by far the best p2p filesharing program out there now to date, from my experience! check out for reviews of the latest p2p clients out there, alt.napsters if you will.

Morpheus lets you dnld from simultaneous users like edonkey2k did, so its super fast! There is tons of stuff out there though, an unbelievable amount... more than on gnutella from what I could tell. I was mostly searching for music vidz and such though. But its great.

And... NO SPYWARE. :) Its really kewl, with built in video players and such. You connect to a kind of website first in the program, so its kinda like Scour was, but Scour was da bomb too when it was around! :)

for Limewire.. it is good, its the first I've seen to have 'tab windows' for simultaneous searches while connected. thats awesome! I love that! thats why I still refer to it. Bearshare and spyware is bad. :( Limewire is also avail for all the platforms though, and runs on gnutella.. so morally, I like it the most. Its very functional also, and looks great. :)

sorry this is my 3rd post, but I needed to! :)

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  1. MusicCity Morpheus! -bye edonkey2k
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