Ruby/Tk Primer: Creating a cron GUI Interface with Ruby/Tk
Subject:   Using Ruby
Date:   2004-06-28 09:08:26
From:   r.boylan

Interesting article after I figured out that you have to use Unix line endings of newline (\n) for the Ruby processor. I use the BBEdit text editor and had changed line endings to return (\r) for AppleScript and web pages.

I did still have trouble prefixing the 'Hello, World!' example with "self." per your explanation. Nothing I tried got past the following error:

firstprogram.rb:1: private method `puts' called for #<Object:0xd2cd8> (NameError)

I tried both "self.puts" and "self.print" but they both produce the same error (with the obvious method name change). Any ideas or hints?

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1 to 2 of 2