Amazing Media Player Brings PDA Video to Life
Subject:   Behind the times, eh?
Date:   2001-08-08 09:35:28
From:   derrick
Response to: Behind the times, eh?

The big deal is that this capability is now available on devices that run Palm OS. This is not an article about competition between Palms and Pocket PCs. If you already have a Palm OS device, why should you have to switch to an iPaq just to play a QuickTime movie?

As far as selective blindness goes ... take a look at the context of the article. It's a QuickTime column running on the Mac DevCenter. If you're such a Pocket PC fan, what are you doing in the Mac DevCenter? Pocket PCs don't even support Macs.

We write about Pocket PCs, Linux PDAs, and yes, Palm devices. There's no blindness around here, I assure you.

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    2001-08-08 10:30:55  David Sims | O'Reilly Blogger [View]

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