Weblog:   Two Interesting Points of View on Dashboard
Subject:   Current Debate Raises Questions
Date:   2004-06-30 09:36:58
From:   joshuawait
Good observations about the nature of relationships between independent developers and Apple developers.

I think the latest action by Apple triggered a bit of fear in me, because it seems like a trend. First Apple uses methods for delivering web content seen clearly in Watson and now Apple will use methods for delivering desk accessory content seen clearly in Konfabulator.

I find it hard to know how to respond to my fear. Apparently, a number of people have responding with anger rather than with discussion.

I found Watson slow, clunky and unusable in it's early versions with a dialup connection. Now that I have a broadband connection, I no longer have an interest in the method of content delivery seen in Watson and Sherlock.

My wife enjoys Konfabulator quite a bit, but I find that it's more of a distraction than a useful way of delivering content. I simply wouldn't ever pay the money for the convenience.

Both of these applications are not compelling features for me. I wouldn't upgrade to an operating system to get widget X. However, simply because I, or other people, don't find utility in the particular methods delivery of content delivery does that justify Apple's actions? No, not really. And I fear that their actions may actually squash innovation rather than encourage it.

On the other hand, a web browser is also a method of content delivery. I believe the proliferation of browsers provides opportunity for a better application of the technology. At what point is the proliferation of an application of technology a natural part of developing it's usefulness and at what one point is diminishing the artistic efforts of another person?

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